On 03 November 2020 08:00 AM EST, a new, more dynamic version of inspira learning management system will go live after a short planned service outage from 30th October-03rd November. During the service outage, external users and staff members will not be able to access inspira learning management system.

Guidance for external users and staff members:

How will the planned service outage impact me?

In order to complete all changes required for the technology refresh, a temporary service outage is planned from 30 October to 03 November 2020. During this time, users will not be able to access inspira learning management system at all. For example, staff will enroll for learning courses, language courses or take mandatory trainings.

Given the unavailability of the system during that period, managers and staff are asked to organize and plan their learning activities accordingly.

Will existing data in the system be affected?

There is no impact to existing data such as courses completed or in progress courses. There is no need to save or transfer any data.

Learning activities (applies to UN staff only):

For all staff:

For Umoja transactional end-users - Computer Based Trainings (CBTs) which are prerequisites for Instructor Led Training (ILT):